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Terry Rosebush Motorsports
Signature Series 1968-69 DZ 302ci SBC Crankshafts

(American made exclusively for TRM by Callie's Crankshafts)

Signature Series Crankshaft Features:

  • Made of 4340 steel and are produced using some of the toughest purity standards in the industry.
  • Dual keyways are standard and the keys are supplied with each crank.
  • “Perma-Tough” heat treating is used exclusively during production. This process does more than leave a thin layer of nitrogen-rich material on the crank surface. Perma-tough cranks do not require reheat treating. The closely controlled depth of the prema-tough heat treatment produces a substantial, durable wear layer that remains intact even after a .060” under regrind.
  • Manufactured with angalite drilling. The angalite advantage is created by drilling raised angular lightening holes in the rod thoroughs. These holes reduce rotating inertia, leaves additional material in the critical load bearing overlap region which increases bending strength and resistance to fatigue. An additional benefit to angalite drilling is the dura truss web. This web within each rod journal has shown to improve dimensional stability over a wide range of operating temperatures and loads. 
  • All oil holes on rod journals are machined with the teardrop opening for better oil flow to the rod bearing.
  • Our cranks have a counter bored bolt hole in the snout to avoid cross threading and make balancer installation easier. This hole is drilled and tapped extra deep for studs used for accessory drives in racing or custom belt applications.
  • Our cranks are dimensionally the same as OEM to avoid any major balancing or clearance issues if used with comparable OEM components.
  • All our cranks are shipped in special boxing to insure it arrives safely and undamaged ready for your use.
  • This product represents the latest in 21st century technology for your valued customer’s prized possession at an affordable price. Customer service and custom services are always available.


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